That night I drunk anything that was handed to me,
I did this in an attempt to forget your existence,
I tripped over tables and chairs,
This reminded me of how it felt falling for you,
I ended up with bruised knees and cuts on my hands,
They stung for days.
I kissed a pretty stranger but there was something different about his lips compared to yours,
They tasted of alcohol and he kissed me like he didn’t care,
You used to kiss me like your life depended on it,
His kiss didn’t help me forget you,
It made me crave you. not even alcohol can numb this feeling  (via iclungtoy0u)

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Wenn man schwach ist, dann hat man zwei Optionen: 1. Man zeigt sich schwach und zerbricht. Oder 2. Man zeigt sich stark und zerbricht.

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Anonym sagte: Hast du einen Freund? ^^


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spin the bottle babe
Sag, war es einfach mich gehen zu lassen?

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Grab her booty in front of dudes who want her.

Grab her booty in front of women who want you.

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I shit glitter 
Vermutlich haben Sternschnuppen nicht den Job, unsere Wünsche zu erfüllen, sondern uns gut überlegen zu lassen, was wir uns denn wünschen.

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Anonym sagte: Magst du Vodka oder nur die Wirkung die er hat?


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